Tuesday, 16 November 2010

a top up on an overdose?

Not an edit but a remix did by Tim Paris and myself last year. We were huge fan of the original demos of the band and asked to do it. After a long wait, it was finally accepted by the record label... but never released (even if easy to find online).

Most of you are probably fed up of hearing the band in the background of 80% TV programmes in Europe and it seems that themselves, were not able to cope with their huge success. Shame.

When the storm calms down, I may post some of their early demos, which I find much superior to the album versions...

For once, the cryptogram is fairly easy...


Sunday, 14 November 2010

it's warm up north

Sorry for the slight slackening in the rate of proposed edits. Just been very busy. This is only a short phase and, rest assured, there is some material in the pipeline.

In the mean time, Along MBV's 'Isn't anything', The Pixies live performances and 'Playing with Fire' by Spacemen 3, here's one of my best musical memory of a 'golden period'.

so, a simple 'DJ version' (easier to mix intro-outro basically) of a very very dear classic of mine. In its original form (this is the .... rx), it was actually the first house music record I ever bought. My introduction to 'underground dance music', a fever that would grow hand in hand with my love for rock n' roll.


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

in case you missed it...

... here's a link to my recent RESIDENT ADVISOR PODCAST (now archived on their site).

many thanks to angie, melissa,wil, richard, derren and rob.

for your graphic needs...

A is a Name is the graphic design studio responsible for the Colette CD sleeve (still available here or there) and, amongst other things, the design for Tim Paris' label, Marketing Music.

They think right and work fast, music related or not.

Check them out.

Monday, 8 November 2010

KTDJ outdoor party-Nuits Sonores, Lyon, 2010

Quite a few of you have been asking for this recording. Braving the cold, Pilooski, Jennifer, Optimo, myself, and a rapidly super hot audience made the best of this afternoon...
Here's my two hours. a word of warning for 'obscure music lovers', this is quite straightforward club music here. Even, as my partner Fany said, tinted with ' un petit cote petasse'....
Find it through the KTDJ blog, here...

Saturday, 6 November 2010

a few things from... Cosmo Vitelli

Cosmo Vitelli and myself have followed some kind of parallel path over the years. I think he may well be, as I am, an indie kid at heart, as testified his first productions during the second french touch wave... If he was not part of the Parisian rave club/scene, that probably, one, saved him from a loads of musical conformisms ('I have to do a 'club track') and, two, whilst we were staying up for days, he was perfecting an already impressive (some say 'obsessive) producing 'technique'. You could consider him as your perfect 'obscure disco' geek (in a way he is) but he is much more than that, a true musical fanatic, 'renaissance style': no genres is forbidden, no style will stay unexplored. I may not always have been fan of his productions/releases (to my charge, I used to consider the blackstrobe remix we did for him as dreadful and, just listening to it, it sounds less dated than 80 % of our other works).Over the last couple of years though, Cosmo and his crew (the I'm a Cliche label, his Bot'Ox project) have grown to be amongst the best and most forward thinking french (actually cross 'french) outlet out there. He is one of those rare people you can talk movies or books rather than trying to impress with your Dissident (just an example) white label.
Oh and I nearly forgot: someone who did an edit of Johnny Guitar's main title has my eternal esteem.

Cosmo was kind enough to give us this amazing piece:


A few words:

who is your forgotten hero?
Joe Caligula

what is the motto painted on your fighter plane?
Dennis Wise

what makes you really angry?
Current french political, social and cultural situation, its governement and generalised corruption. Sorry for my lack of humour about this.

and your final words?
Is it the French press ?

His playlist deals with 'records from the times I did not know anything about what I was listening to'.

Talk Talk "Laughing Stock"(1991)

Possibly my fave record ever. Full of silence, breathe, air…A magic record wich streches the time.

Hugh Mundell : « Africa must be free by 1983 » (1978)
One of the first records I bought while I was a kid, at a second hand record store next to my home in the south of France.
Hugh Mundell died in a car accident in…1983. I’m less sure about the freedom of Africa.

Oran' Juice' Jones : « The Rain" (1986)
The Beastie Boys first album brought me to Hip-hop and Def Jam. Oran ‘Juice ‘Jone album s arrived at the record store of my middle size hometown and for some reason, I bought it.
It instantly became a hit in my bedroom.

New Fast Austomatic Daffodils "Pigeonhole" (1990)
My personal baggy fave (everyone has its own, right? No?).
First CD bought ever, I have seen them live many times in the UK when I was student.
Still a pretty cool record XX years later (and sometimes, I still play the Big – Baka remix)

Mercury Rev : Yerself is Steam
Mercury Rev’s first album. Psych shoegaze ? lofi prog rock ?
They were very first, maybe the only band I wish I could be part of.
Pure masterpiece.

more proof of his impeccable taste and attitude there: http://www.botoxmusic.com/blog/