Tuesday, 28 June 2011

a few more things from IS (and friends)

Here's the second volume of the Colette commissioned CD of edits, emanation of this here space. As with the first issue, some have been posted here, and obviously some not.

Some friends have also contributed to our acquired taste: Mugwump for a fantastic disco wave romp, Plein Soleil revisiting a real KTDJ classic that should make you wanna learn french, It's a Fine Line going 8th gear and Battant who should bring you warped childhood memories.

It also includes a legal edit (unlike the bootleg doing the rounds at the moment) of one of the few still lost Chicago classic: Civil Defense by Danny Alias. It took me a while to track him down and there will be a full 12" release including unreleased tracks by the man himself and an edit of CD by fellowmen Get A Room!

The lovely artwork still is by A-is-a-name and this super limited run will be available from Colette, on the Kill the DJ webshop, and, for a very limited amount of time, at Rough Trade (run there for a surprise) and Phonica in London.



Freundlicher Zöllner
morning glory daze (mugwump edit)
danny alias-civil defense (IS vocal dub)
rendez-vous vorace (plein soleil edit)
anna, katie & monty
Jean-Marc, pourquoi? (IAFL edit)
simple guestion/gomplicated answer
shortie for gaby
boom! purr...rang. (Battant edit)

ATTENTION-COMPETITION NOW CLOSED WINNERS WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL TOMORROW......... THANKS TO ALL OF YOU........-----------------------------------------------------------------------

I have 5 copies for you to win.

I'm afraid the game will not be fair but totally biased. Just email the artist/title (and a link to it if possible) of a track that you think I should edit to obscureisthecure@gmx.co.uk . After the weekend, I'll pick up the five I find most 'interesting' (whatever that means) and send their 'sender' a signed album. And, as you may have guessed, they may end up as edits here if permitted.

Good luck to you all!!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

le hollandais volant

Just a quick one on my way to Amsterdam, where I'll be playing at Trouw this saturday, one of my fave clubs in Europe, certainly two of the best residents around, Patrice Baumel & Nuno Dos Santos... Great label too.

I've often stated my love from the early dutch techno scene, especially Dimitri's legendary 91-93 sets. These guys carry the torch... Daring and totally original.

hope to see some of you there...

This edit may have already appeared here and there but this cossack is a proper unsung hero...


Friday, 10 June 2011

a few things from...Get A Room!

Hail Hail the new generation!
I'm not talking about kids fed on beatportee thingees and by the mile club music but about kids grabbing me outside a club, giving me a 10" designed by Trevor Jackson whilst singing how important (read formative I suppose) Le Pulp had been for them.

Aurelien and Jeff could be of those young'uns that keep alive what we sometimes fought for, believed in or simply loved. If in their thirties, they're young at heart and they are not alone. It's probably in this (luckily hard to tag) 'reedit-space-nununu-electronic-analog-disco-whatever' scene that, beyond the annoying geeks and mumbly old timers, that thing is still thriving. La Releve...

Their label, Smalltime Cuts, a couple of noted 10" (how big was The Dreamer), a heavy dose of good spirit and acquired taste (they're not afraid of cheese-good!), a forthcoming compilation of edits for Colette (La releve I said), Dig Out Your Spade.

If I wanted to, I'd feel safe to retire...


and their few words:

your forgotten hero ?

Aurel : Maurice Biraud, french actor from the 60's, suscribed to secondary leads like in "Melodie en sous-sol" "Le Cave se rebiffe", " Un taxi pour Tobrouk".
Jeff : John Bender , the 80's synth pop producer.

what makes you angry?

Jeff : Bad timing
Aurel : My wife

what motto is painted on your fighter plane?

Aurel : Dance together or die alone.
Jeff : Smash your TV

your last words?

Aurel : Kick Snare Hi Hat Bass
Jeff : Enjoy yourself is later than you think

more: http://smalltimecuts.com/

Thursday, 9 June 2011

euro gold

no time no time no time... I hope some of you are still here.

but new things are slowing getting into shape. you'll be the first to know.

tomorrow, a special post by the Small Time Cuts crew. Joy.

But here, not even an edit, just a slight retouch as almost nothing was to do. The song was too good. One of the best of the year for me, especially considering where I heard it. In a better world, it would have been championed.