Wednesday, 27 April 2011

a few things from... Krikor

...or here, Crackboy. or there Plein Soleil with Chloe...

K. is a long time family friend, an hyper-productive producer that blows to pieces the rule stating that electronic nerds can't be rock n'roll.

His gritty kind of funk has always been a firm fave of mine (listen again to 'Rock in a Hard Place' on KTDJ-it still blows my mind, even more when I remember that he considered it as a 'leftover') and he has recently diversified towards jackier or deeper spheres.

Chloe and him have done a fantastic edit of KTDJ's classic 'La Perversita' for the next installment of the Colette cds but in the meantime he delivers a fantastic edit that got more than attention from Jonnie and Keith Optimo when I played it in Glasgow. A proper death disco reworking of a classic obscurity...

next stop: Rock n'Roll Station


who is your forgotten hero?

Jan Toorop Dutch Painter from 19th century

what is the motto painted on your fighter plane?

Pathfinder To Oblivion

what makes you really angry?

Music Encyclopedias that never buy records, and thinks they are the holy voice

and your final words?

Le Pénultiéme.



Tuesday, 26 April 2011

back : one for Glasgow

I will not dwell on the long silence... My focus always go through phases. You should see very soon here and there the result of work in touching spheres: the Battant album, a remix for Crosstown Rebels, some IAFL stuff, a new Colette CD etc...

But then I played with Optimo in Glasgow last weekend and this is always... inspiring, even if in a tangent way. This one was pretty chaotic but as ever, in a good way.

This is not an Optimo classic, I'll leave these to them but in my mind, it is the place where it could work.

So this one goes to Jonnie, Keith and Teamy...

To Chris and all @ Electric Frog

To the gurner who handed me a fiver for a beer whilst I playing and then asked for his twenty quid back (???)...

To the lass who wanted her money back because 'a speaker was broken'...

To the sound engineer who nearly crushed my laptop about five times jumping in the DJ booth...

But not to that big cocky guy who nearly spoiled the last record by thinking so much of himself... He'll know...