Monday, 31 January 2011

toddler stuff

very quickly, one of the first edits I did years ago... Always intended it to polish it but never did. Really rough but may be better like this...

it has been posted here and there so some of you may have it.

consider it an appetizer...


Sunday, 30 January 2011

cheese scoop

as said in my previous post, I'm pretty drowned in work. but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The production of Battant's second album, As I Ride With No Horse is close to be finished, the second volume of the A Few Things... CDs is on its way (watch this space for copies to be won)... I am nearly breathing again... I should get my stride back, well, when I do...

In the meantime, something, let's say, more practical than the usual antiques posted here. This is a very simple edit I did to play out but i keep getting people asking me 'what the hell is that'? I already posted the link in some old comments after a request but some may have missed it...

I did not technically do much to it (lowered its cheese percentage but, yes, it is borderline), but, once again, on paper, this is typically the kind of track that would be overlooked by most. When the good comes from the bad, is it not even better?


Sunday, 16 January 2011

time is the essence..

The ones who know me, and the other may well have figured it out, are used to my 'leave of absence for undetermined duration', part of this character/mon caractere.

Really bad habit. And I rarely justify myself afterwards. Even worse.

The image may indicate that I've had a lot of work, from producing Battant's second album to preparing a second CD of edits, KTDJ stuff including the release with Roman Fluegel. And going away. always going away...

These are no excuses though, and I solely take the blame for this short interruption, thanking those who woke me up from my torpor.

I can not promise it will not happen again. And I will not dwell on it too much : neither 'come backs' nor 'thinking yourself as essential' are poses I wanna convey.

So precisely, 'back to the essential':

A fave edit of mine, that I had possibly saved for vinyl release after Twitch expressed his enthusiasm about it... I am equally, if not more, it being posted here...


PS: sorry for the Megaupload but the edit was recognized by Soundcloud and its algorithms...