Sunday, 2 October 2011

l'avenir dure longtemps.


l'avenir dure longtemps.

A beautiful french phrase coined, I think by Louis aLthusser, roughly translable by 'what comes ahead will last a long time. But does not do it justice and defo not a good tattoo like here...

We are still deep in grieving following the death of Joel. We can't begin to tell
you how much we miss him.

But I've always gone back to work in the dark hours... so...

This is an easy one as the original was reminded to me by my friend Geoffroy from brussels whom I'll play with next week. I've just tweaked it to make it more playable. all is in there.

Some may say it shows my dark side but am not that sure...


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

For Joel Dever

I recently ended caught, through Rodrigo Fresan or Juan Rulfo, by the Langage International des Morts and the existence of ghosts. This morning, these have become a boil, a crave coming from my deepest insides. The death of someone you know is hard to fathom, but what of the death of a close friend? Heidegger said (my words) that it puts a filter on reality, cutting you from the world where people react normally. There not there. Behind a blurred glass, blurred but very hard to break.

I saw Joel grow up from a shy keyboard player to a 'cocky' Dalstonite (God, I'd never thought I'd miss those dirty baggy green tracksuit). A child becoming an adult and God knows how difficult this can be. Actually, I felt closer to him, him born the year I was hit by C-86 than to 90% of the so-called adults I meet.
Yes, we had our fair shares of squabbles, about his teenage selfishness, a certain laziness... But believe me, I've had much bigger fights with much smaller people.

Joel was a talented musician, composer and half of Battant, whose second album, As I Ride with no Horse, was and will be to be released next month.
He also was my Chloe's best friend, they shared more than the band: a 'right attitude' if there is one and certainly the right sense of humor. She has lost a part of herself here, a part than even I can fill. I'll try as hard as I can though.

There aren't much point in finding out why it happened, it won't bring him back. I just know that the perspective of acceding success and happiness can be scary thing when you' ve wrongly felt worthless for years. And he was bound for it, he would have realized that success is only being proud of what you do. Nowt else.

Tears mixed with anger are running in this house tonight. But, once again, a one-legged horse will raise from his ashes, and we'll name him J.


All these equine thoughts (and a poem here) go to my love Chloe, Kristina, Anna, Aaron, Thom, Zoe, Fany, Steph and all who knew who Joel really was.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

more music soon but...

I will post some new music very soon. I am slowly getting back to work after some real holidays. Here's a few words from one of my... side projects.

This is front page news, Scandal of the Century!!!

After years of retrograde thinking, Discipline in Disorder now has...

A TWITTER ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is Twitter so the length of everything is limited, our account is : DisciplineFeed

find it here:!/DisciplineFeed

You are not dreaming.

It will not be used for gossips and notes on personal hygiene but as its opening 'tweet' (this feels wrong but we will get used to it) states, DisciplineFeed will provide a ' everyday feed of oddities, underdogs and classics, torn pages, lost celluloid and more'.

This will be an instant, and less intimidating, for our tracing bullets. Expect to get something to read, watch, or admire everyday (if not every hour).

Friday, 26 August 2011

a few things from... Rebolledo

There are people you know you were gonna get along with even before actually meeting them. It happens even to old grumpies like myself. I am rarely mistaken and certainly was not
when I drank and danced (yes) a good part of a corsican night, feet in the sand, with Mauricio Rebolledo.

No need to introduce our mexican kindred spirit who alongside Daniel Maloso has made some of the best recent staplers in my box. Expect more from him on Comeme and some special collaboration with our beloved blondie from Koln, Superpitcher (including an amazing hilarious track called 'Speedo & Boots'-Don't ask).

It's a pleasure to have him here and I've been missing his laughter since this brief but intense encounter.

The man graces us with an unreleased edit of... well you'll know...


And, I wish you could hear the heat in his voice, a few words:

Your forgotten hero?

My ten years older Brother... "El Moro". He used to be a Motocross rider and for me as a kid this was a total flash... My perfect weekend back then was to travell with him to the next town where the races were... because of an injury, he had to retire and switched to car racing, but at this time I was not an often follower any more... now he´s having a break from racetracks... and I´m not so flashed about him any more... Kind of Sad... Still a cool guy dough.

The motto painted on your fighter plane?

"You´re messing with the wrong Mexican"

What makes you really angry?

People without manners.

Your last words on your deathbed?

"Hey you know what? mmm... Never mind..."

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


here's the second reedit born out of your brilliant obtuse minds. A totally different atmosphere, period and rework (less reconstruction, more beat addition-but still simplicity) than yesterday. some of you may be familiar with the original but I still found the band a bit underrated.


This comes courtesy of Mr C.C (He'll let me know if he wants the light to shine on his real name):

introduce yourself in one line?

amateur DJ, resident on Househusband radio.

A book we should read?

The last given by a good friend, Freelance by Philippe Garnier (Ps: one of my fave books of last year see here).

Your obvious forgotten cheesy record?

I'm not sure this will fit, and am sorry if they get offended, but Neeve by Woolfy vs Projections on Permanent Vacation...

An idea worth fighting for?

Tough question... Les droit des autres...

and a Playlist:

Valentin Stip - Gravels I & II [Clown and Sunset]
Deo & Z-man - Disabled on the dance floor [Opossum recordings]
Area - Tangled In [Steadfast Records]
Grauzone - Raum (ATA's extended mix) [Live At Robert Johnson]
Mark Boombastik & Eduardo Delgado Lopez - Arbeit [Shitkatapult]

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

WORTHY DIGGERS PART 1: shake sauvage

Here are the first edits emerging from the CD competition.

To put back in context, I ask followers of this blog to send me a track that they thought I should reedit. I picked up 7 out of... quite a lot.

They will not appear in 'quality order' but, as ever, according to my fickle 'gout du jour'.... they are from all styles (the really obscure to the obvious but missed) and proof that there are very very worthy diggers out there...

and let's start with : Shake Sauvage, who pointed me towards much more to this total masterpiece...

A few words about this treasure hunter (why would this be limited to 'famous' collectors???):

- introduce yourself in one line


- a book we should read ?

not a book to read but a movie to watch: '49th parallel' by michael powell (1941)

- favorite 'obvious but forgotten' cheesy record ?

not sure it fits in the category, but supertramp's self-titled debut (1970) first came to mind

- an idea worth fighting for

fighting? how do you do that?

-and a 5 records playlist?

autopilot - love is a process (1979)
barn owl - shadowland (2011)
gigi - maintenant (2009)
münchen - chaquiego (2010)
francesco tristano & moritz von oswald - auricle / bio / on (2008)

As for the record pointed out by Shake Sauvage, it is one of the best finds I've bumped into for ages, even better surely for those of you who speak Serb. I just did a bit of re-ordering, not much, a record entitled Between Two Drops of Sweat (How good is that for a title?) deserved as much respect as I'm able to have.

Brilliant lost gem. A massive thanks to Mr Sauvage then... More to come...


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

a fine night!!!!

Plastic People is the best small club in London, Huntleys & Palmers, who organize the night have obviously good taste and it is not that often that Tim and myself are given total musical freedom (and the hours needed to truly let go).

you may hear things like this, an IAFL edit that I may have already posted actually... but hey...


so we're looking forward to this IT'S A FINE LINE night, on this friday the 15th.

for more info and a few words, check the pretty cool H & P blog here.

but more importantly be there.

Huntleys & Palmers presents IAFL all nighter.
Plastic People. 10pm-3am.
147-149 Curtain Road, EC2A 3QE.

Sunday, 3 July 2011


LINK NOW VALID---------------

Hello all,

First a million thanks for all the propositions sent. Out of more than a hundred, the choice was not easy. I could not cut it to 5, 7 is the best I could do. Bending the rules...

As said before, it is not a judgment on the quality of the track but a simple reflection of my taste but also my mood. Who knows, in a few days, my pick could have been totally different.

So the winners get the cd. And I'll let them know if I plan to do an edit of their choice. If ever I decide to use a track sent by someone who did not win at this raffle, I will make sure he/she (do not think this is a blokey/anorakey world) gets a cd too, or something else.

all winners should have received a message but this gmx system is like a dinosaur so here you are in 'disguise'. if you have not received the email, just get back in touch:

Shake Sauvage
TM & his disco computer
Christophe Vaseline
Yann Toxic
J l'Obsede
Helin Peters
Charles et les Epinards

A special mention to MK who entered the game with a track that is actually on the CD. Acquired taste, but also shared taste...

here the track in question for you all:


Tuesday, 28 June 2011

a few more things from IS (and friends)

Here's the second volume of the Colette commissioned CD of edits, emanation of this here space. As with the first issue, some have been posted here, and obviously some not.

Some friends have also contributed to our acquired taste: Mugwump for a fantastic disco wave romp, Plein Soleil revisiting a real KTDJ classic that should make you wanna learn french, It's a Fine Line going 8th gear and Battant who should bring you warped childhood memories.

It also includes a legal edit (unlike the bootleg doing the rounds at the moment) of one of the few still lost Chicago classic: Civil Defense by Danny Alias. It took me a while to track him down and there will be a full 12" release including unreleased tracks by the man himself and an edit of CD by fellowmen Get A Room!

The lovely artwork still is by A-is-a-name and this super limited run will be available from Colette, on the Kill the DJ webshop, and, for a very limited amount of time, at Rough Trade (run there for a surprise) and Phonica in London.



Freundlicher Zöllner
morning glory daze (mugwump edit)
danny alias-civil defense (IS vocal dub)
rendez-vous vorace (plein soleil edit)
anna, katie & monty
Jean-Marc, pourquoi? (IAFL edit)
simple guestion/gomplicated answer
shortie for gaby
boom! purr...rang. (Battant edit)

ATTENTION-COMPETITION NOW CLOSED WINNERS WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL TOMORROW......... THANKS TO ALL OF YOU........-----------------------------------------------------------------------

I have 5 copies for you to win.

I'm afraid the game will not be fair but totally biased. Just email the artist/title (and a link to it if possible) of a track that you think I should edit to . After the weekend, I'll pick up the five I find most 'interesting' (whatever that means) and send their 'sender' a signed album. And, as you may have guessed, they may end up as edits here if permitted.

Good luck to you all!!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

le hollandais volant

Just a quick one on my way to Amsterdam, where I'll be playing at Trouw this saturday, one of my fave clubs in Europe, certainly two of the best residents around, Patrice Baumel & Nuno Dos Santos... Great label too.

I've often stated my love from the early dutch techno scene, especially Dimitri's legendary 91-93 sets. These guys carry the torch... Daring and totally original.

hope to see some of you there...

This edit may have already appeared here and there but this cossack is a proper unsung hero...


Friday, 10 June 2011

a few things from...Get A Room!

Hail Hail the new generation!
I'm not talking about kids fed on beatportee thingees and by the mile club music but about kids grabbing me outside a club, giving me a 10" designed by Trevor Jackson whilst singing how important (read formative I suppose) Le Pulp had been for them.

Aurelien and Jeff could be of those young'uns that keep alive what we sometimes fought for, believed in or simply loved. If in their thirties, they're young at heart and they are not alone. It's probably in this (luckily hard to tag) 'reedit-space-nununu-electronic-analog-disco-whatever' scene that, beyond the annoying geeks and mumbly old timers, that thing is still thriving. La Releve...

Their label, Smalltime Cuts, a couple of noted 10" (how big was The Dreamer), a heavy dose of good spirit and acquired taste (they're not afraid of cheese-good!), a forthcoming compilation of edits for Colette (La releve I said), Dig Out Your Spade.

If I wanted to, I'd feel safe to retire...


and their few words:

your forgotten hero ?

Aurel : Maurice Biraud, french actor from the 60's, suscribed to secondary leads like in "Melodie en sous-sol" "Le Cave se rebiffe", " Un taxi pour Tobrouk".
Jeff : John Bender , the 80's synth pop producer.

what makes you angry?

Jeff : Bad timing
Aurel : My wife

what motto is painted on your fighter plane?

Aurel : Dance together or die alone.
Jeff : Smash your TV

your last words?

Aurel : Kick Snare Hi Hat Bass
Jeff : Enjoy yourself is later than you think


Thursday, 9 June 2011

euro gold

no time no time no time... I hope some of you are still here.

but new things are slowing getting into shape. you'll be the first to know.

tomorrow, a special post by the Small Time Cuts crew. Joy.

But here, not even an edit, just a slight retouch as almost nothing was to do. The song was too good. One of the best of the year for me, especially considering where I heard it. In a better world, it would have been championed.


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

a few things from... Krikor

...or here, Crackboy. or there Plein Soleil with Chloe...

K. is a long time family friend, an hyper-productive producer that blows to pieces the rule stating that electronic nerds can't be rock n'roll.

His gritty kind of funk has always been a firm fave of mine (listen again to 'Rock in a Hard Place' on KTDJ-it still blows my mind, even more when I remember that he considered it as a 'leftover') and he has recently diversified towards jackier or deeper spheres.

Chloe and him have done a fantastic edit of KTDJ's classic 'La Perversita' for the next installment of the Colette cds but in the meantime he delivers a fantastic edit that got more than attention from Jonnie and Keith Optimo when I played it in Glasgow. A proper death disco reworking of a classic obscurity...

next stop: Rock n'Roll Station


who is your forgotten hero?

Jan Toorop Dutch Painter from 19th century

what is the motto painted on your fighter plane?

Pathfinder To Oblivion

what makes you really angry?

Music Encyclopedias that never buy records, and thinks they are the holy voice

and your final words?

Le Pénultiéme.



Tuesday, 26 April 2011

back : one for Glasgow

I will not dwell on the long silence... My focus always go through phases. You should see very soon here and there the result of work in touching spheres: the Battant album, a remix for Crosstown Rebels, some IAFL stuff, a new Colette CD etc...

But then I played with Optimo in Glasgow last weekend and this is always... inspiring, even if in a tangent way. This one was pretty chaotic but as ever, in a good way.

This is not an Optimo classic, I'll leave these to them but in my mind, it is the place where it could work.

So this one goes to Jonnie, Keith and Teamy...

To Chris and all @ Electric Frog

To the gurner who handed me a fiver for a beer whilst I playing and then asked for his twenty quid back (???)...

To the lass who wanted her money back because 'a speaker was broken'...

To the sound engineer who nearly crushed my laptop about five times jumping in the DJ booth...

But not to that big cocky guy who nearly spoiled the last record by thinking so much of himself... He'll know...


Wednesday, 9 February 2011


just a bit of love and despair before going to bed... simple things...


C60 PT 1

A dear friend of mine reminded me just the other day, through pointing at another possible edit, of a certain serie of Cassette Compilations.

I had almost totally forgotten about them but, with a bit of digging, they may well provide quite a few of my next posts.

I agree this may sound very cryptic, and only mildly fascinating. But out of respect for this true friend (meaning one who breaks the 'finders keepers' obscure music dogma-if you wanna do the same, feel free) and out of my own selfishness (a very adaptive dogma it is), that is all I can tell you about this dirty oddity


Sunday, 6 February 2011

northern fury (NOW DOWNLOADABLE)

I am not sure the original version was ever released. My minor tweaks are hopefully faithful to the noisy anger of this secret weapon of mine.

The meeting of these two is more of a collision, the closest thing to Kevin Shields in speed disco mode. A daring record, produced by an underrated technical wizard who also happens be a very funny and nice chap.



Monday, 31 January 2011

toddler stuff

very quickly, one of the first edits I did years ago... Always intended it to polish it but never did. Really rough but may be better like this...

it has been posted here and there so some of you may have it.

consider it an appetizer...


Sunday, 30 January 2011

cheese scoop

as said in my previous post, I'm pretty drowned in work. but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The production of Battant's second album, As I Ride With No Horse is close to be finished, the second volume of the A Few Things... CDs is on its way (watch this space for copies to be won)... I am nearly breathing again... I should get my stride back, well, when I do...

In the meantime, something, let's say, more practical than the usual antiques posted here. This is a very simple edit I did to play out but i keep getting people asking me 'what the hell is that'? I already posted the link in some old comments after a request but some may have missed it...

I did not technically do much to it (lowered its cheese percentage but, yes, it is borderline), but, once again, on paper, this is typically the kind of track that would be overlooked by most. When the good comes from the bad, is it not even better?


Sunday, 16 January 2011

time is the essence..

The ones who know me, and the other may well have figured it out, are used to my 'leave of absence for undetermined duration', part of this character/mon caractere.

Really bad habit. And I rarely justify myself afterwards. Even worse.

The image may indicate that I've had a lot of work, from producing Battant's second album to preparing a second CD of edits, KTDJ stuff including the release with Roman Fluegel. And going away. always going away...

These are no excuses though, and I solely take the blame for this short interruption, thanking those who woke me up from my torpor.

I can not promise it will not happen again. And I will not dwell on it too much : neither 'come backs' nor 'thinking yourself as essential' are poses I wanna convey.

So precisely, 'back to the essential':

A fave edit of mine, that I had possibly saved for vinyl release after Twitch expressed his enthusiasm about it... I am equally, if not more, it being posted here...


PS: sorry for the Megaupload but the edit was recognized by Soundcloud and its algorithms...