Sunday, 22 July 2012


Sorry for the very long silence but have been busy, working on our IAFL album, and changing a little bit my 'web presence' (hold on... some one is doing almost everything for me there...

there is NOW a facebook page (and having got rid of a fake one), there is still one. the real one is here. all infos abot dates are there but do not expect a lot of socializing,

the main news is the website which should relay all the blogs, info etc... there will be also a 'current affairs' section that will reflect my mood of the day, charts, whatever... It is still being polished so be indulgent.

Track of the day is already a favorite of the very close 'latete_atoto' dj duo who know than playing good records unmixed is a 100000000 times better than mixing boring house. and it is obviously dedicated to Keith and Jonnie.

just made intro and end playable really. GOOD TO BE BACK...