Monday, 14 June 2010

other pockets of resistance

On the dire sea of conformism, we are never sailing on our own. As often as possible, I will signal other worthy buccaneers.

Krikor has never compromised. You will find righteous morale and great edits on his new site, including one of my old fave, Nini Raviolette's 'Suis-je Normale'.

There are loads more places of interest but two that jump to my mind right now. First is the ever growing Get The Curse (The French young crew), where you can also find my 'Back of the Box' playlists. The other being Feel My Bicep (you may find othere edits of mine there)...

This place is still being built, there will be on the right side of the page a list of close allies very soon but I could not leave without pointing towards home


  1. Ivan, on veut tes dates !!!

  2. Congrats and hope that "discipiline" blogs will be at least half as productive as this one. I'm mourning over their relative silence.

  3. whaaa

    Super content de pouvoir te lire.
    Bonne initiative :)


  4. Pour macreadyrj

    Quelques dates ici (Maj régulièrement):

    o o