Sunday, 22 August 2010

a few things from... Marc Piñol

If Marc died tomorrow, he may well be my forgotten hero. He's totally fine though. I played with him in Barcelona last night at Nitsa. So I'll put it this way: he is the best resident I know and one of my favorite DJs. Of course, one should have many 'favorite DJs'. For all hours, moods and genres. But playing with him is like playing with a version of myself that could still surprise me: from the acquired taste for borderline trance records to warped up disco pop... etc... etc

And guess what, he also does his own (great) edits like this one, kindly offered to us all:


This closeness goes for music, for books, movies, politics, sense of humor and general philosophy of life as well. It can even get spooky sometimes (do you know any Catalan Dennis Potter fans? I do...).
The fact that most of you have never heard Marc play is a blatant injustice but he will never do anything to attract fame (his original Dj name was DJ de Mierda). It sometimes pisses me off, but this humility is also what makes him as cool as it gets. I will never miss an opportunity to try to get him out of his grotto. A hidden treasure then... But pointing you in the right direction is the least I can do.

So Marc...

Who is your forgotten hero?

Harry Smith

What motto is painted on your fighter plane?

when it is dark enough, you can see the stars.

What makes you really angry?

My dad's disease and greedy people

Your final words?

I hope to be extremely inspired for my final words.

'Some records / songs I've been listening a lot last week, in no particular order' by Marc Piñol

Lucifer – Black Mass
This one is from Mort Garson, the Moog musician/producer that I love the most. He made lots of nice recordings during all his career, but this is the one the I would save from flames. Sounds a little bit like Jean-Jacques Perrey, Wendy Carlos or Oneohtrix Point Never, really twisted and spacey. Broadcast copied a couple of Garson's tracks some years ago. They were right to do so.

CTI – Elemental 7

This is one of that Chris & Cosey albums that don't get old-fashioned. Drones, proto-acid and lots of insane ambient. If someone out there have the VHS tape included and read this, please be kind and send me a DivX-rip!

Jonna Gault & Her Symphonopop Scene – Wonder Why, I Guess
She was only 21 at the time of recording her album. I've been looking for info about her (I don't know if she's alive or not), but I didn't found anything. I just can't understand how she didn't made any more records. The production, arrangements and lyrics are dope.

The Scientists – Heading For a Trauma
Mental, raw, psychedelic australian punk. I had not listened to this album from some time, maybe ten years. I did it two days ago and it worked fine for me, even if I prefer their first lp. But there's “Swampland”, and I like that song so much that I didn't care about the rest .

The Poppy Family – Shadows On My Wall
Been listening some of their 60s records a lot these days. They still sound shiny and slightly eery at the same time. I love their abuse of reverberation.

Daily Fauli – Fauli Til Dauli

My girlfriend is from Denmark, so I'm always trying to find some rare danish stuff to impress her. Whatever, this is so weird that I decided not to mention it to her. Kind of postpunk à la C86 with disturbingly funny lyrics. Take a listen to “Out Of Sync” or “Speed” and you tell me. Sounds really crispy and fresh.

Soit-P.P. - n.IASP
This Richard D. James song was on a hard to find CD from Rephlex, “Philosophy Of Sound and Machine”. I've been looking for it for ages, but usually the price was over 100£, so I forgot about it. I'm not that rich. Finally I found it on a blog, ripped at 320 kbps. So God bless you internet.

Hugh Tracey field recordings

I could listen to them forever and never get bored.I always find something truly inspiring there.

The new Hivern digital compilation
Hivern is my favorite spanish label, by far. We are close friends, ok, but I really love the things they're doing so I'm not forced to talk nice about them. In this release you have Pional (this guy's a genius) and Aster making some kraut beats, Kresy sampling 50 Cent in a very moodymanesque way, newcomer Pettre following the Omar S path and D.A.R.Y.L. going wild in a 14 minutes long, hypnotic odissey. Love the music & the people behind it.


  1. ..Some jewels here.. Jonna Gault, The Poppy Family, psyche-pop as well.. And the rest, all has said on this posting, thk yu.
    Didn't know the man Marc Piñol San; cool edit, bro'..

  2. CTI video rip here...


  3. I always thought the Jimi Tenor 'Take Me Baby' sample sounded like Alan Vega (and not just because Suicide has a song with 'baby' in the title!) and now even more so with the throbbing synth note your DJ friend Mr Pinol added...a splendid re-edit.

    On a separate note on unknown, unsung djs, throughout the eighties and nineties I was exposed to countless incredible Djs on the free party/traveler/free festival circuit who would look sometimes like a Deep Purple roadie from '73 yet seamlessly mix Neu! with The Trammps with some JP Massiera with some weird afro-funk - way before the eclectic/cosmic/balearic vibe was part of corporate dj culture or most of us even knew who JP Massiera was...

    Of course there are some amazing well-known DJs out there such as Optimo, Weatherall and some cunt who runs this blog but the idea that innate talent and public awareness have ever gone together is a huge fallacy....hope you can persuade him to come to England some time!

    Thanks timajick for the CTI Elemental 7 VHS rip, actually recorded a year before it was released on vinyl which makes the 808/303 Dancing Ghosts track even more of a proto-house classic...ahh Doublevision VHS, it does take me back.

  4. Marc piñol is fucking good. good taste. a real cameleon, adapting to every context...and i remember also a set in april this year smagghe-piñol. it was impossible to know who was playing.

  5. Talking about Dennis Potter... Yesterday night I've finished watching „Cold Lazarus“ preceded by „Karaoke“. Loved every bit of it. And it's another great discovery for me pointed by the IS, alongside other great reads and flicks: Badiou, Minelli, Bolano.... Don't want to sound too much like a fan. But I guess I am and IT IS spooky.

    Good occasion, to ask about your own Potter fav, Mr. Tatcher?

  6. massive fan... one of the true english genius.

  7. May I ask, if there is something (series, films) from him that you particularly like?

  8. really looking forward to seeing you at panorama bar this friday, travelling down from sweden to see you an michel mayer,just a weird time for your set, 9 in the morning, gonna be a loooong night