Saturday, 14 August 2010

an honor and a privilege

Since the early Kill the DJ days, Optimo has been the closest thing to home, Jonnie and Keith being not only faves but also close friends. I Played Optimo back in... and it was one of the scariest gig of my 'career'... Once again, Jonnie and Keith are leaving me alone behind the wheel this sunday at HUNG UP!, their new night. I must admit that I am nervous but pretty much excited.
so... what do you play there ? that's the thing, anything you want, knowing that you're facing the best but most knowing crowd in the world. I'll go to from weird to rave then... but the first part of the night is the very special one, the moment that separates boys from Boys... I could drop things like this one. or not...


if you can, see you


  1. Hi,

    Last night was cracking, made me miss optimo even more..

    Can you tell me.. What is the name of the big track with the vocal "old school beat/break"?? After it you played the tune with "We are the aliens from outer space" vocal that I heard you play at T In The Park..

    I would love to know the names of those two..

  2. first is an old thing on Superstar, called 'old school beat' by strump dump. and then 'alien invasion' by mark ambrose. on Wiggle.
    tx. xxxx