Monday, 27 September 2010

une nuit a Paris...

Is this my 'all nighter' month???? following London, this is in Paris. Haven't done it since the Pulp days... Have been digging hard...

Le 8 Octobre au Point Ephemere...

see you there...


  1. seems that you'll play at robert johnson on the 8th on your agenda...
    it will be great night at point ephemere. i wish i'll be there.

  2. Ivan - for those of us not lucky enough to be where you're playing, any chance of seeing a few of your chosen sets up on this blog.... would be appreciated by the masses from afar.

  3. Hi ball breakers this date is not correct, he'll play the 5th of november in Robert Johnson
    And chejai I totally agree with you, I would appreciate sets from Ivan, can't listen enough music of him.

  4. I heard that afternoon mix from nuits sonores 2010 should have been on line somewhere but couldn't find it.
    Any clues?

  5. I was there myself if this set is available I would like to know !! So if you have any news please contact me...

  6. IVAN,
    pour ce qui pourront malheureusement pas etre là ce soir, prends exemple sur Jonnie&Keith qui ont enregistré leur set de 5h lors de leur dernière soirée dont tu nous disais d'ailleurs sur ce meme blog que c'était mémorable!

  7. Le set des nuits sonores sera online sur le blog kill the dj la semaine prochaine... en attendant, il y a le podcast rA... sinon, plus vieux, ete 2009 pont d'avignon: