Sunday, 10 October 2010

collection part 1

'a few things from Ivan Smagghe'... and a few other things took a lot of my time recently but I am back on.

You may be able to find this super limited CD at your usual purveyor of good music. Or obviously in Colette if you leave or are going in Paris, as they 'commissioned' it.

here's a link to their online shop

I was quite chuffed by them asking me and, you know what, I'm happy it's out there.

It's an unmixed collection of edits, some were posted on this blog but some were not and will never be

happy hunting...


  1. je l'ai & c'est bon.
    le premier edit est tout simplement fantastique.

    c'est pressé a combien de copies ?

  2. C'est mixé ou non finalement?
    sur le shop kill the dj ils disent que c'est mixé. (ici c'est le contraire)

  3. mine from Colette isn't mixed.

  4. Good to know. on the kill the dj shop they consider it as a mixtape that's why I asked.
    But I'm glad it's unmixed.