Tuesday, 28 June 2011

a few more things from IS (and friends)

Here's the second volume of the Colette commissioned CD of edits, emanation of this here space. As with the first issue, some have been posted here, and obviously some not.

Some friends have also contributed to our acquired taste: Mugwump for a fantastic disco wave romp, Plein Soleil revisiting a real KTDJ classic that should make you wanna learn french, It's a Fine Line going 8th gear and Battant who should bring you warped childhood memories.

It also includes a legal edit (unlike the bootleg doing the rounds at the moment) of one of the few still lost Chicago classic: Civil Defense by Danny Alias. It took me a while to track him down and there will be a full 12" release including unreleased tracks by the man himself and an edit of CD by fellowmen Get A Room!

The lovely artwork still is by A-is-a-name and this super limited run will be available from Colette, on the Kill the DJ webshop, and, for a very limited amount of time, at Rough Trade (run there for a surprise) and Phonica in London.



Freundlicher Zöllner
morning glory daze (mugwump edit)
danny alias-civil defense (IS vocal dub)
rendez-vous vorace (plein soleil edit)
anna, katie & monty
Jean-Marc, pourquoi? (IAFL edit)
simple guestion/gomplicated answer
shortie for gaby
boom! purr...rang. (Battant edit)

ATTENTION-COMPETITION NOW CLOSED WINNERS WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL TOMORROW......... THANKS TO ALL OF YOU........-----------------------------------------------------------------------

I have 5 copies for you to win.

I'm afraid the game will not be fair but totally biased. Just email the artist/title (and a link to it if possible) of a track that you think I should edit to obscureisthecure@gmx.co.uk . After the weekend, I'll pick up the five I find most 'interesting' (whatever that means) and send their 'sender' a signed album. And, as you may have guessed, they may end up as edits here if permitted.

Good luck to you all!!!


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