Friday, 10 June 2011

a few things from...Get A Room!

Hail Hail the new generation!
I'm not talking about kids fed on beatportee thingees and by the mile club music but about kids grabbing me outside a club, giving me a 10" designed by Trevor Jackson whilst singing how important (read formative I suppose) Le Pulp had been for them.

Aurelien and Jeff could be of those young'uns that keep alive what we sometimes fought for, believed in or simply loved. If in their thirties, they're young at heart and they are not alone. It's probably in this (luckily hard to tag) 'reedit-space-nununu-electronic-analog-disco-whatever' scene that, beyond the annoying geeks and mumbly old timers, that thing is still thriving. La Releve...

Their label, Smalltime Cuts, a couple of noted 10" (how big was The Dreamer), a heavy dose of good spirit and acquired taste (they're not afraid of cheese-good!), a forthcoming compilation of edits for Colette (La releve I said), Dig Out Your Spade.

If I wanted to, I'd feel safe to retire...


and their few words:

your forgotten hero ?

Aurel : Maurice Biraud, french actor from the 60's, suscribed to secondary leads like in "Melodie en sous-sol" "Le Cave se rebiffe", " Un taxi pour Tobrouk".
Jeff : John Bender , the 80's synth pop producer.

what makes you angry?

Jeff : Bad timing
Aurel : My wife

what motto is painted on your fighter plane?

Aurel : Dance together or die alone.
Jeff : Smash your TV

your last words?

Aurel : Kick Snare Hi Hat Bass
Jeff : Enjoy yourself is later than you think



  1. "'By the mile' club music", haha.

  2. Damn! I spent all weekend trying to find my folder of killer obscure prog, rock, disco, punk and electronica records from the 70s and 80s that are in badly need of an edit...I get here and the competition is closed! I guess my idea of the "weekend" is a little looser than yours...actually i kind of thought it would be too late....anyway, now that I am here I better grab me some goodies...

    Good to see some praise getting heaped on Get A Room! They have a real knack of tuning into the groove of a record, turning it inside out, around and around and stripping it to its essentials...I still play the EP they did a couple of years ago with the killer edits of Morricone's 'The Dreamer' and the reworks of the Italo classics by Valery Allington and Topo & Roby.

    Looks like the guys dug deep on this one, a 1981 single by Danish singer Kim Larson called 'Donnez-Moi Du Feu' if I am not mistaken, taken from his Jungle Dreams album...while that makes me sound really beardy, I must confess I just typed the lyrics into the CIA-Engine and up it came! unbelievable!

    The only thing I would advise these guys to do is change their name! Maybe it is just me, but I have seem to have an innate and burning hatred to the kind of people who blurt out "get a room" at the first sign of any intimacy that takes place around them so whenever I see their name I get that internal dialogue..."ooohhh get a room!" my a gun.