Sunday, 3 July 2011


LINK NOW VALID---------------

Hello all,

First a million thanks for all the propositions sent. Out of more than a hundred, the choice was not easy. I could not cut it to 5, 7 is the best I could do. Bending the rules...

As said before, it is not a judgment on the quality of the track but a simple reflection of my taste but also my mood. Who knows, in a few days, my pick could have been totally different.

So the winners get the cd. And I'll let them know if I plan to do an edit of their choice. If ever I decide to use a track sent by someone who did not win at this raffle, I will make sure he/she (do not think this is a blokey/anorakey world) gets a cd too, or something else.

all winners should have received a message but this gmx system is like a dinosaur so here you are in 'disguise'. if you have not received the email, just get back in touch:

Shake Sauvage
TM & his disco computer
Christophe Vaseline
Yann Toxic
J l'Obsede
Helin Peters
Charles et les Epinards

A special mention to MK who entered the game with a track that is actually on the CD. Acquired taste, but also shared taste...

here the track in question for you all:



  1. 'Oops, looks like we can't find that page!'... Gee !

  2. A link that does not work? I was really looking forward to the Its A Fine Line track, their release for History Clock was just magnificent...

    anyway the link:

    is dead...if you type in the name Jean Marc Pourquoi in Soundcloud (I was trying to play the digital recording angel thinking you may have just screwed the link up..imagine my surprise when I came across two tracks with hippityhoppity leanings..a universe away from It's A Fine Line...or so I thought...

    so can you, you know, fix the link..erm...please.

  3. Ivan the link does not work ... :(

  4. Ivan à l'aide...............

  5. That Anna, Kate & Monty tune is brilliant, Thanks for the cd