Friday, 26 August 2011

a few things from... Rebolledo

There are people you know you were gonna get along with even before actually meeting them. It happens even to old grumpies like myself. I am rarely mistaken and certainly was not
when I drank and danced (yes) a good part of a corsican night, feet in the sand, with Mauricio Rebolledo.

No need to introduce our mexican kindred spirit who alongside Daniel Maloso has made some of the best recent staplers in my box. Expect more from him on Comeme and some special collaboration with our beloved blondie from Koln, Superpitcher (including an amazing hilarious track called 'Speedo & Boots'-Don't ask).

It's a pleasure to have him here and I've been missing his laughter since this brief but intense encounter.

The man graces us with an unreleased edit of... well you'll know...


And, I wish you could hear the heat in his voice, a few words:

Your forgotten hero?

My ten years older Brother... "El Moro". He used to be a Motocross rider and for me as a kid this was a total flash... My perfect weekend back then was to travell with him to the next town where the races were... because of an injury, he had to retire and switched to car racing, but at this time I was not an often follower any more... now he´s having a break from racetracks... and I´m not so flashed about him any more... Kind of Sad... Still a cool guy dough.

The motto painted on your fighter plane?

"You´re messing with the wrong Mexican"

What makes you really angry?

People without manners.

Your last words on your deathbed?

"Hey you know what? mmm... Never mind..."