Wednesday, 14 September 2011

more music soon but...

I will post some new music very soon. I am slowly getting back to work after some real holidays. Here's a few words from one of my... side projects.

This is front page news, Scandal of the Century!!!

After years of retrograde thinking, Discipline in Disorder now has...

A TWITTER ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is Twitter so the length of everything is limited, our account is : DisciplineFeed

find it here:!/DisciplineFeed

You are not dreaming.

It will not be used for gossips and notes on personal hygiene but as its opening 'tweet' (this feels wrong but we will get used to it) states, DisciplineFeed will provide a ' everyday feed of oddities, underdogs and classics, torn pages, lost celluloid and more'.

This will be an instant, and less intimidating, for our tracing bullets. Expect to get something to read, watch, or admire everyday (if not every hour).

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