Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Picture with no relation to track but did not have my usual folder with me when posting. I've promised myself not to postpone things anymore you see...

Here's one my favorite edit I've done for ages. I-cube did his own take on it for his brilliant Edits du Golem but, in this case, I think the town is big enough for both guns.

My pleasure is not in technicality (it almost never is but this is a fairly simple cut and paste job). It's in the electronic balearic tease, the artificial sunshine lick (oh, the tat pops back) before the 'west cold' vocal comes in. Proper electronic pop from a band we will come back to in the near future...


  1. Reminds me of an edit by I:cube (from his edits du Golem EP)! I guess we're all hunting for this kind of new musik.

  2. it seems that some download the track without reading the post..... Baaaaad boy! ;)

  3. Damn! Caught red-handed. i stand by my second sentence, though.