Thursday, 22 March 2012


It may be quite hard to fathom the importance of the 'Gay Pride' in France for the average liberal english youth. The lack of a proper demonstration on these shores is another debate (does the acceptance of 'camp' means the abandon of political struggle? Is there a latent 'light' homophobia under fashionista acceptance? Is it ok 'as long as they don't get into graphic details etc...).

But in France, the Gay Pride is a real event. Or has been. Recently, it has been submitted to a few blows: they can not use the actual term (some jerk copyrighted it) and now goes under the name 'Marche des Fiertes' (which in French, sorry, could also be the appelation for a right-wing veteran march), its political aspect is drowned in tacky muscle mary cheese house, male gay conformism, chapelwars, minorities inside the minority (all the transgender rainbow stars that doe not fit in the classic box: drag-kings, lesbian transexuals etc...).

Since my days at Pulp, my best friends, my parisian family has been mainly composed of homosexual girls, and I would not change it for all the gold in the world. I am a 'classic' (with a few twists) heterosexual but has always been 100% supportive of their militancy. Always will be I think.

This year, my crew is planning to take part in the float under the 'GOUINE COMME UN CAMION' banner. This may need a bit of franco-english linguistics. In french, and usually in a macho way, one says 'belle comme un camion' for a girl: 'beautiful as a truck'. But butch lesbians are aslo commonly known as 'cammioneuses': truckers. Good slogan I'd say.

But a float cost a lot, more than 4000 euros actually. hence the GOUINATHON' (from 'gouine', dyke in french, and 'telethon') you can chip in to actually see it happen. You don't have to be french, and it may give idea to the new responsibles for the London Pride (including a major nightlife promoter that may be the one to relight the fire), this is an international struggle.

You can watch pictures, movies and learn a bit more about the 'Gouine comme un Camion' manifesto, and contribute here.

there is also a great video here...

Of course, there is a reward. Well, you can download the track without giving anything to this project but I'd be very grateful to those who will actively participate.

About the track, it is rough as 0+0 can only be but also has that unique sense of humor that breeds in the contempt of 'les bien-pensants', whoever they are.


We count on you!!!!!!!!

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  1. Yehaa!
    Thank you Ivan for that love and support ! You're our half dyke and will always be!