Friday, 9 March 2012


After all these years, it takes quite a lot from a club to impress me and when asked about my favorite clubs, I sometimes wish I was a one-armed hillbilly not too good with chopping wood.

TROUW in Amsterdam (a city that had proven very disappointing since my early memories of Dimitri at the Roxy-who is actually resident for special all-nighters, and still ahs the magic from what I've heard, at the above mentioned place.

Not only the club itself is amazing, located in an old printing factory but they sometimes move the one of the floor to the best room I've played in ages. Dark as the pit of hell, clever minimal lighting, rough and ready like an east german garage circa 1993. The vibe. Where Black Magic is the religion de rigueur. Not to mention the now ditched performance night where I saw Jesus covered in shit and candles in the wrong candelabra.

Patrice Baumel is one of the residents at Trouw. And has been a firmn favorite producer of mine. Him and Nuno Santos play without concession a mix of shoegaze, lo-fi trance and strange disco. Patrice even control the brilliant visuals at the same time. Pretty cool. And, hey, he makes loads of edits. You can find them here for nada.

I picked this one out of nostalgia though I hate the word.


A few words from a dj that you'd be well worth checking out closely (he is a huge fan of M83, that should be enough in one's book).

who is your forgotten hero?
Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards.

what motto is painted on your fighter plane?
"Too old to die young"

what makes you really angry?
People who put the Nutella in the fridge.

and your last words?
see you on the other side.


  1. Thanks Ivan, thanks for giving us such a tremendous dark set. It was just the right thing in the basement (verdieping, also meaning 'going deeper';-) of Trouw last saturday night. I have heard few people capturing the atmosphere in this underwordly space as well as you did. Going back and forth from techno to Neue Welle and everything in between was more than rewarding. It was hypnotizing and amazing, also making this set one of the bewt ones I've heard in recent years. And definetely one of the best I've heard in Amsterdam since Dimitri played in his heyday at Hi-Tec Soul Movement at Roxy....;-)
    So even though Robag Wruhme was playing a great set upstairs as well, you eventually convinced me to stay down...
    Thanks, hope to hear you again at Trouw!

    Bart Veilbrief

    1. hey thanks...

      definiitely an inspiring space,

      have edited the mix for the Fabric website, it will be online there tomorrow and here a bit later.

  2. Hey Ivan! thank you for making such inspiring and evolving music! Im absolutly, completly into the remix of paris - a shifting drifting world.

    When are you coming to play in sweden??