Friday, 9 July 2010

living in the present

Sorry for the silence but I've been touring quite a lot. Work but also a fair amount of partying. Ibiza was quite enjoyable, the 'in-and-out' thing it has become, suits me. 2 Many DJs at We Love was like having your brain washed (not 'brainwashed'), a clean slate for the new year, The rest I heard I kind of didn't (is that being 'brainwashed'). Ok, we got pretty hammered but I've always said that the higher you get, the better the music should be. This time, it was almost the other way round, the blandness stopped me from getting locked in the groove and I spent proper time with friends I had not partied with for years. Hail Hail to boring music then?
Errrrr... No. Full on hedonism lasts what it lasts but you should still live in the present when comes the day after. There are loads of great music out there at the moment... Many names come to my mind but one that has constantly (but, him too, going 'higher and higher') is Glaswegian Alex Smoke . His label, recent album and remixes are constantly pushing the limits. He has just delivered Kill The DJ two incredible remixes of Chloe (who today tells you 'I don't know which one to choose so I'll do both)...Some may find these corners of the dancefloor too dark, and his stuff definitely is edgy. But as the other one said: 'if you're not living on the edge, you're taking too much space'.

I did this edit in order to be able to play this magic Smoke remix as often as possible. Hope it will convince some of you to check the rest of his stuff...



  1. Thanks for all these edits. Great jobs.

    You say: "There are loads of great music out there at the moment... Many names come to my mind"

    Please give us names!

  2. I also say that good music needs hard digging and that you should find your own way but... am preparing a top ten of 'now' bands/producers to watch... soon

  3. sorry If I sneak in... did u get that AS remix of Crimea X?