Monday, 26 July 2010

a variation on a very dear theme

Most of you what happened when Marc Grouls, up north and back nearly three decades, decided to play Split Second's Flesh at the wrong speed (45rpm to 33rpm): "One Nation Under a (Slowed Down) Groove"... Those who don't know should read the 1991 eponymous article by Richard Norris (hat off to him actually).

The story goes that it was 33rpm/+8, it's hard to find that handles the pure switch. In a way, this one does. just... It may be rough and unplayable but Grouls and the others were just spinning rough and unplayable records. so take it as an homage on a style that shaped a lot of what I am today.


ps: let's see if anybody recognizes the original....

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  1. back when me and a friend were learning the decks as young fresh faced munkys we used to play Prodigy's poison at 45 instead of 33rpm, because we wanted to play at 125-128bpm we thought we were genius's but it turns out after finding an old mix CD that it just was a bit crap really. although we were genius's. obviously, but for totally different reasons.