Monday, 12 July 2010

up north and personal

A very quick word on one of Chloe's favorite sub-genre (Chloe being my girlfriend but not being 'DJ Chloe'- we'll leave that pairing to the wanking fantasies of a committed trainspotter or trainspotteuse...):'twee synthabilly'? 'lo-fi beatbox twist', 'retro swing wave'????
She, nor I, would not want to pin it down but in our heads, it's quite a defined genre. When one of us bump into a track that fits that strange box, I suppose he is instantly reminded of the other.

Yes, We'd rather die than celebrate Valentine's day but we are proudly romantic. I'll add for my part that having a girlfriend that is into (good) music is one of the best things that ever and could happen to me...

oh, sorry, you'd rather have examples of the style than feel a bit quaint from that sudden exposure of feelings ? hmmm... Klik Klak's 1919 is the ultimate one, Adn Ckrystall's Do Zeu Twist, Los Alamos by J & J Hudson in a way, but going up to Fairmont's Bikini Atoll or Mark Kammins' incredible rx of J Dynell's Jam Hot...

May only make sense to us two but you got that it's enough. Selfish as it may be, you may enjoy this little extension of a lesser known track by one of the main bands from this imaginary school.